The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

March 31, 2020 Updated

Kramer Orthopedics remains open during the COVID-19 related disruption.

We are taking precautions following CDC guidelines to protect patients and staff (see procedures below) and we hope to contribute to the safety and continuity of care of patients during this difficult time.

Please call us with any questions you may have.

Thank you for you continued trust and support.


Physicians and staff,

Kramer Orthopedics

Update on Kramer Orthopedics procedures regarding COVID-19 as of 03/31/2020:

  1. As implemented on 03/13/2020, all visits are pre-screened via phone call. All patients are asked if they have been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and if they have any acute symptoms such as cough or fever.
    1. If yes they are asked to stay home and to contact their primary care provider.
    2. Patients are reminded about strict hand washing.
    3. Telehealth visits are available to those who need follow up care; we have full implementation of face to face Telehealth encounters.
    4. Only patients are allowed in the office; visitors, care givers, family members are all asked to wait outside the office, preferably in their cars or outside of the medical office building, until the patient is ready to leave.
    5. In an effort to maintain social distancing in our waiting room, all patients are instructed to call before entering the waiting room. No more than 4 people will be allowed in our waiting room at any given time.
    6. Patients are again screened upon arrival about any acute symptoms, including cough and fever.
    7. Any staff physically interacting with patients follows appropriate guidelines, including strict hand washing/hand sanitizer and wearing gloves in patient facing areas as indicated.
    8. Equipment, tables and chairs are wiped clean with appropriate wipes and procedures.
    9. Our front office, medical scribes and providers communicate frequently during the day to enhance everyone’s awareness about any issues that may need attention.
    10. Through the application of these procedures and with the advent of Telehealth, the number of in person visits has declined; consequently, the staff is able to maintain an orderly process for patients, maintaining appropriate distance between patients, thus offering a controlled and comfortable environment.
    11. Updates from the CDC and local authorities are reviewed regularly in order to inform our team. We are hopeful that normal activities will return at some point; meanwhile we are committed to do our best to continue caring for patients safely and effectively.


March 20, 2020                                                               


Message to Patients

The providers at Kramer Orthopedics will continue to care for orthopedic patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus within our local community, we ask that everyone practice good judgement and self-monitoring. Anyone with symptoms associated with COVID-19 should STAY HOME and contact their primary care physician for instructions on what to do.

The symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection are:

  • Fever of 100.4 F or greater
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle aches

For the safety of all patients, providers and staff, we ask that if you have these symptoms or been in contact with someone else who had these symptoms, PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH OUR OFFICE.

Office Visits:

The recommendations for in-person appointments will give preference to new patients and existing patients that meet the following criteria:

  • Surgery within the last 90 days to include pre and post-op
  • Severe pain
  • Recent fracture, dislocation, nerve injury, tendon injury or possible post-operative infection

If a patient with one of these conditions and has had symptoms within the last 14 days, has traveled within the last 14 days, or was recently exposed to someone who is sick, please contact the provider for whom the appointment is being made for instructions.

What other patients can be seen in the office?

  • New or existing patients with fractures or dislocation that have occurred within 4 weeks
  • Existing patients who feel they would benefit from a follow up physical assessment

All other existing patients should be offered a telephone consultation.

Who should have a telephone consultation?

  • Existing patients who are sick or who have immunosuppressed family members at home
  • Existing patients with chronic problems
  • Existing patients who don’t need x-rays
  • Existing patients with chronic pain
  • Existing patients with questions or concerns about their ongoing condition or recovery
  • Existing patients with questions or concerns about their labs or diagnostic imaging results

Outpatient procedures:

The recommendations for outpatient procedures and surgery within an ambulatory treatment facility will give preference to “Essential cases,” which is defined as conditions for which timely surgery is the “standard of care.” All other elective cases are to be postponed until April 20, 2020 at this time (date is subject to change).

Remember to ALWAYS practice good hygiene:

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • Cover cough and sneezes
  • Stay away from sick people
  • Stay home if you are sick or were exposed to someone with the flu or COVID-19
  • Wear a mask if YOU ARE sick and NEED to be around people
  • Disinfect your work-space and other public area where you spend time
  • Only touch your face with clean hands
  • Limiting visits to the elderly, especially those in senior housing and nursing homes

For the latest updates, monitor

Thank you for your contribution to limiting the impact of this virus within our Medical Office and the local community